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Where Does My Donation Go When I Give Money to Hear Grand Island?

When you donate to Hear Grand Island, you're not just giving money—you're fueling a community tradition that brings joy, music, and togetherness to our town. Your contribution makes a significant difference, and we want you to know exactly how your support helps us create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Safety and Security
First and foremost, your donation helps ensure the safety of all attendees. We allocate funds for professional security services, making the festival a safe space for families and individuals of all ages. We set up numerous bike racks creating a perimeter to the festival grounds, allowing a comfortable space to enjoy the free entertainment, the food, and the drinks.

Running a festival involves a lot of planning and risk management. We use donations to purchase liability insurance, protecting both the festival and its visitors. Weather insurance is also a crucial investment, ensuring that we can handle unexpected weather events without financial devastation.

Talent Acquisition and staff
A substantial portion of your donation goes towards talent acquisition. We strive to bring a diverse range of artists to Grand Island, offering a rich musical experience. This includes paying for artist accommodations such as hotel rooms, gas cards, and food and drinks. Your support also helps us hire part-time seasonal staff who work both behind the scenes and on the frontlines, all to keep the festival running smoothly.

Logistics and Infrastructure
Creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment requires significant logistical support. Your donations help cover the costs of essential items like tents, porta-potties, and bike rack barriers. We also invest in utilities, plaza rentals, and lighting and sound production to ensure the festival grounds are well-equipped and welcoming.

Marketing and Promotion
To attract attendees and spread the word about our festival, we invest in marketing efforts. This includes creating and distributing signs, banners, and other promotional materials. This year you might even catch our TV commercial running on your Smart TV ad breaks! We want everyone in and around Grand Island to know about the amazing events happening at Hear Grand Island.


Licensing and Fees

Running a music festival requires compliance with various regulations. Your donations help us cover licensing fees and adhere to city, county, and state requirements. This ensures that our festival operates legally and continues to be a staple in our community. These fees are crucial for obtaining permits for everything from public safety to alcohol sales, allowing us to meet all regulatory guidelines and operate smoothly.

Inventory and Refreshments
One of the highlights of Hear Grand Island is the largest beer garden in Central Nebraska. Your donations help stock a wide array of beverages and bring a new featured brewery every week, providing attendees with plenty of options to enjoy while they listen to the music. This includes everything from craft beers to non-alcoholic drinks. But thanks to our food truck partners, we don't have to worry about cooking!

Artist Accommodations
We believe in treating our artists well, and your donations help us provide them with comfortable accommodations. This includes hotel rooms, gas cards for travel, and meals to keep them fueled and ready to perform. Happy artists mean better performances and a more enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Every dollar you donate plays a vital role in keeping Hear Grand Island alive and thriving. It helps us maintain a free, high-quality festival that brings our community together, fostering the camaraderie and spirit that makes Grand Island so special. Thank you for your support and for helping us continue this wonderful tradition. Together, we can make this year's festival the best one yet!

Make a donation to hear grand island

Hear Grand Island thrives because of the generous support from our friends, followers, fans, and community members just like you. Without your help, this beloved summer event wouldn't be possible. Your contribution will ensure the festival continues to grow and provide a vibrant, free music experience for everyone.

As a cornerstone of our community, Hear Grand Island is more than just a music festival. It’s a summer destination where people of all ages can come together, enjoy live performances, and create lasting memories. It’s a safe and fun space for families, a hub for neighbors to connect, and a celebration of the camaraderie that makes Grand Island so special.

Join us in keeping the spirit of Hear Grand Island alive. Your donation, no matter the size, will have a significant impact. Together, we can continue to make Grand Island an amazing place to live, celebrate, and enjoy music.
Thank you for your support!


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Support hear Grand Island with the
Greater Grand Island Community Foundation

If you prefer, you can support us through the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation. Whichever way you decide to donate, your generosity will directly help sustain and enhance our beloved festival, ensuring it remains a free and vibrant event for everyone in our community.

Please visit the Greater Grand Island Community Foundation's website here to donate directly to the Hear Grand Island fund. They will be able to provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

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